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E Tech Consultant

Brief: Services
California Academy of Sciences

laboratory Testing Services

Minerals & Ore's, Food, Environment Monitoring, Water, Soil / Agriculture etc.


  • We, M/s. E tech Consultant is leading Environmental Consultancy organization and chemical testing in the field of Environment, Hydroheology (CGWA / CGWB ), Instrument Calibration, Water Treatment Plant (Etp, Stp, Wtp), Rain Water Harvesting, Chemical testing  & ISO Certification. 

  • We are actively involved in EIA studies in different sectors including Mining, Cement, Metallurgical, Synthetic Organic Chemicals, building & construction projects etc., Hydro-geological Studies, DGPS Survey and Solid waste management. 

  • We are providing services from The laboratory and the organization is recognized by Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change (MoEF & CC),  and our Lab division is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL, Govt. of India)  in the area of ‘Chemical, Mechanical & Biological Testing’ for Air, Noise, Water, Food & Agricultural products, Cereals, Pulses, Bakery products, Spices & Condiments, Milk & Dairy products & Chemical Testing of Ores & Minerals, Coal/Coke & Cosmetics etc. We are working with various industries in different sectors for EIA Studies, Hydrogeology studies, Environmental Monitoring and Food Testing Services. We are also working with various Packaged Drinking Water industries for regular testing services as per BIS requirements.

  • services we are providing services for:  

  1. Study for Rain Water Harvesting Structures & suggestions.

  2. Resistivity Survey for Ground Water potential.

  3. Preparation of Hydrogeological Reports required for CGWA NOC/Compliance &      

  4. Environmental  Clearance requirements.

  5. Online submission of Hydrogeological report & application for NOC based on above study.

  6. Submission of Reports/documents online/offline to CGWA/CGWB for getting NOC.

  7. Instruments Calibration for measuring Instruments.

  8. ISO Certification.

  9. Geo technical Investigaation.

  10. Energy  Audit

  11. Safety Audit

  12. Laboratory testing services in the field of  minerals, food, soil, water, environment etc.

Environmental Evaluation

Environmental Worker
Brief: Services
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