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Environment Monitoring

• Ambient Air Monitoring

•Stack Emission Monitoring

•Fugitive Emission Monitoring

•Solid / Respirable Particulate Matter

•Gaseous Pollutants

•Trace Metal Analysis in SPM / RPM

•Work Place Environmental monitoring

•Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

•Noise Monitoring, Illumination Studies

•Meteorological and Weather Studies

•Performance guarantee tests for Air Pollution Control

•Monitoring of equipment like Cyclones

•Dust Collectors & Wet Scrubbers

•Dioxins & Furans in Ambient air as well as Stack

•Solid waste & Hazardous waste testing, Waste, analysis,

Waste water testing.

Water Testing

•Physico-Chemical as well as Microbiological analysis

of Water for all parameters as per IS specifications

•Drinking Water (Potable & Domestic water)

• Packaged Drinking Water

• Natural Mineral Water

•Ground (Wells, Bore wells etc) / Surface Water

(Rivers, Canals, Ponds etc.)

•Boiler feed Water

•Construction purpose Water

•Waste Water(Industrial/Domestic), Swimming

Pools Water

• Reagent grade Water

•Industrial/Cooling purpose water

• Trace metal elements in Water

•Distilled / Demineralized Water

• Pesticide residues in Water

•Pathogens in water Treatability studies for Water


•Treatability studies for Water  treatment

•Water Quality Monitoring & Surveillance of Urban

& Rural Water distribution Network & design &

development of Web-based Software for the

efficient control of Water distribution network.

Water Quality

•Water Quality Monitoring

• Water Sampling & Analysis

•Water-flow Studies

•Discharges & Effluent Characterization

•Waste Water sampling & analysis

•Performance study of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) &     

   Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

• Dioxins & Furans in water.

Soil Testing

•Soil Texture

•Soil Chemical Analysis(Total)

•Water Soluble Salts

•Available Nutrients

•Exchangeable Cations

•Lime & Gypsum requirements of Soil

•Fertility Status of Soil

Biological Testing

•Conducts Surveys of Flora & Fauna to know & compare the status& Impact of developmental activities in & around the region.

Socio-Economic Surveys

•Surveys are being conducted by to determine Socio-economic status of the study areas. Conducting a social impact assessment is important for several reasons. In general, it is used to alert the community, including residents and local officials, of the impact and magnitude of the proposed development on the community’s social and economic well-being. The assessment can help communities avoid creating inequities among community groups as well as encourage the positive impacts associated with the development. The impact assessment provides estimates of expected changes in demographics, housing, public services, and even the aesthetic quality of the community that will result from the development. Equally important, the assessment provides an opportunity for diverse community values to be integrated into the decision making process. Together, these components of the assessment provide a foundation on which decisions about whether to alter or change a proposed development can be made.

• CSR planning & implementation.

•Action program for corporate complying to Environmental clearance conditions.

•Due diligence audits for Environmental clearance.

Treatability Studies

•Representative samples of industrial effluents are    

   collected and treatability studies of various Pollution    

   parameters are conducted in the laboratory to

•Identify pollution prevention and waste minimization    


• Identify the optimum treatment scheme for a given  

   industrial effluent

•Analyze the existing pollution control systems for       

  their performance capacities

•Overcome the trouble shooting

•Suggest up gradation measures

Food Testing

Food Quality Testing and Certification:

•Compliance with FSSAI norms.

•Proximate analysis.

•Nutritional Labeling.

•Accelerated Shelf life studies.

• Real-time shelf-life studies

• Stability studies.

• Proteins.



• Amino Acids.

•Trans fats.

 •Fatty Acids profile.


•Sugar profile.

•Flavor profile.

•Equipment & Swab Testing

• Safety evaluation of Food Packaging

• Food colors/dyes/intermediates

Testing of Food Safety Parameters:

•Residual pesticides.

• Residual antibiotics.

• Residual drugs.

• Crop contaminants.

• Melamine testing.

• Trace element & mineral analysis.

• Microbiological evaluation.

• Pathogen testing.

• Migration studies.

• Analysis of Volatile & semi-volatile compounds.

• Mycotoxins

• Aflatoxins.

• Naturally Occurring Toxins

• PCBs and PAH

• Screening of Dioxins

• Chemical based food coloring agents.

• Testing for Food adulteration as per IS/PFA.

• Metal contaminants in Food.

• Food preservatives.

• Antioxidants.

Food Products Tested

•Alcoholic Drinks & Beverages, Soft drinks, Toddy etc.

• Fruit & Vegetables

• Product Development

• Cereals & Pulses such as Wheat, Maizwe, Jowar,

   Bajra, Rice, Masur, Urd, Moong, Chana (Whole), Split

   Arhar, Split (Moong), Split (Urd), Chanadal, Split

   Masur & any other food grains


• Bakery (Breads, Biscuits) & Confectionary

   Products (Chocolates, Chewing Gum Milk Toffee /

   Butter Toffee etc.)

•Spices &Condiments(Chillies &Chilly Powder,

   Turmeric Powder, Curry Powder, Coriander Powder


• Nuts & Nut Products (Raisins, Pistachio Nuts, Ground

   nuts, Dates, Dry Fruits & Nuts)

•Oils, Fats & related products(Vegetable oils, Ghee,

  Butter, Margarine, Fat spread etc.)

•Fruits & Vegetables & their products

•Honey & Honey Products

• Indian Snacks items

• Packaged food

• Ready to eat foods

•Supplier Audits and Approvals

•Food safety training

•Hygiene Audits for Cafeterias, restaurants and hotels

•Food safety audits

• Water quality for Food processing industries

Chemical & Microbiological Testing

Provides analytical support for all Chemical & Microbiological Test parameters as per guidelines of :

•Food Safety Act of India

• Prevention of Food Adulteration act

• Bureau of Indian Standards

Shelf-life Studies

Importance of Shelf life Evaluation of your Products

As an increasing number of new foods compete for space on supermarket shelves, the words “speed and  innovation” have become the watchwords for food companies seeking to become “first to market” with successful products to keep the company in an excellent competitive position. However, the consumer perceives the product as the "Ultimate measure of total quality" & is thus of paramount importance to this competitive posture. Therefore, the quality built in during the development and production process must last through the distribution and consumption stages. Shelf-life studies can provide important information to product developers enabling them to ensure that the consumer will see a high quality product for a significant period of time after production. Of course long shelf life studies do not fit with the speed requirement and therefore accelerated studies have been developed as part of innovation.

How can we help?

Know the "Best Before Date" of your Food or Cosmetic Product through a tailor made Shelf life design program which comprises of Standard Shelf life studies & Accelerated shelf life studies too, in which quality changes caused by Test conditions are evaluated at specific sampling durations and are evaluated through quality analysis testing and microbial Safety Analysis, Sensory Evaluation, Data analysis etc.

Rapid Food Adulteration Detection Kits Innovative Rapid Food Adulteration Detection kits help you to qualitatively detect the presence of any adulteration all by yourself! About 20-25 samples can be tested with each kit.

Soil and Agriculture

• Analysis of Soil

• Plant Analysis

• Fertilizer analysis

• Plant growth regulators/Promoters

• Micronutrients

• Bio-Pesticides

• Agricultural produces such as fruits, leaves, pulses,     

   nuts, spices etc

•Soil Health Surveys.

• Fertilizer dose requirement.

Testing & Certification of Export produce as per APEDA, for the following products:

• Fresh fruits

• Vegetables

• Cereals & Pulses

Mine Projects

•Identification of mineral prospects/deposits by Remote-sensing.

• Pre-feasibility & Feasibility Study.

• DGPS Survey

•Estimation of Reserves & Mine Valuation.

• Logging and Chemical analysis

• Mining Plan.

• Mining Scheme.

• Analysis and Preparation of DPR etc.

• Techno-economic analysis

• Environmental Clearance.

• Forest Clearance

• Consent for Establishment

• Consent for Operation

• Mine Closure Plan.

• Mining has to be carried out in accordance with the envisaged proposals in the approved mining plan as per rule 22A of Mineral Concession Rules,1960 and Rule 13 of Mineral Conservation & Development Rules. The mining plan and the scheme of mining is an extremely vital document for the scientific and systematic development of mineral deposits.

• The mining plan and the scheme of mining are to be prepared in accordance with specified norms for different category of mines (available at all regional offices of IBM). Our tie up lab is approved as 'Registered Qualified Personnel’s (RQP)' by Indian Bureau of Mines for the preparation of 'Mining Plan'.

• Mining Plan incorporates salient features of an updated / modified conceptual plan of the mine covering the period of anticipated life of the mine, depicted on mine geological plans and sections with necessary statement annexed supported by essential text, covering the basic & long term design features of mine covering exploration, mine development, optimum exploitation &utilization of the mineral, waste & sub-grade mineral management, and environmental aspects. The ensuing five year detailed programme is a part of the conceptual overall mining plan.

Method Development & Contract Research

•To determine Selectivity / Specificity

• Ensuring Precision and Reproducibility

• Typical variations affecting a method’s reproducibility

• Determining linearity and calibration curve

• Determining limit of Detection and Quantization Featured Services

We provides Analytical support for providing tailor made solutions for specific requirements.

We being committed for providing large spectrum of facilities under one roof undertakes various assignments related to following area & many more.......

• Toxicity testing of toys

• Leachate Studies of Solid waste

• Hydrogeological Studies

• Mine Projects

• Satellite Imagery

• Environmental Audit

• Safety Evaluation studies of Food Products

• Safety Evaluation studies of Cosmetic/Personal Care Products

• Raw Materials Quality Assessment

• Finished Products Quality Assessment

• Water Audits

• Water Quality Monitoring & Surveillance

• Bio Assays

• Analytical Method Developments

• Method validations

• Testing services for Construction materials

• Testing services for Road marking Paints

• Testing services for Pesticides in Agri Products

• Testing servuices for Petroleum & Liquid fuels

• Analysis of Allopathic ,Homeopathic & Ayurvedic


•Cement & Mortars

• Cement Concrete

• Refractories

• Refractory Cement

• Sand

• Clays & Soils

• Pozzolonic materials

• Limestone, Gypsum

• Thermal Insulation materials

• Masonary Bricks/ Blocks Ceramics

Personal & Home Care Products

Testing of Personal and Homecare products:

Hair care Products such as Hair Oils, Shampoos, Hair Dyes, Hair treatment Products, Hair Gels, Hair conditioners

Skin care Products: Skin creams, Skin Lotions, Moisturisers, Face Wash, Eye Care products: Maskara, Eye liners, Kajal, Eye Shadows Colour Cosmetics: Bindi, Lip sticks, Nail Paints Cleansing Products: Liquid Soaps & Soap Cakes /Bars Claim-evaluation studies for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs)

Home Care Products:

•Cleansing Soaps & Detergents



Chemical Testing

• Assay/Purity of Organic & Inorganic chemical products

• Laboratory assistance/support to research projects.

• Tailor made analysis to suit client's analytical requirements

Fuel Testing

 •Coal Beneficiation Projects

•Ultimate & Proximate analysis of coal

• Liquid Fuels

• Used Oils

Fertilizer Testing

•Nitrogeneous Fertilizers

• Phosphatic Fertilizers

• Fertilizer Mixtures

• Potash Fertilizers

• Micronutrients

• Bio-Fertilizers

• Organic Fertilizers

Metal Testing

•Iron, Steel & Ferro alloys

• Special Steels

• Copper &it's alloys

• Aluminium & it's alloys

• Tin & tin alloys

• Zinc & zinc alloys

• Lead & Lead alloys

• Magnesium & magnesium alloys

• Manganese &it's alloy

• Titanium & Titanium alloys

• Tungsten & tungsten alloys

• Other metal alloys

Mineral And Ores Testing

• Aluminium Ores

• Bauxite

• Chromium Ores

• Copper Ores

• Flourspar

• Bio-Fertilizers

• Organic Fertilizers

• Gypsum

• Iron Ores

• Lead Ores

• Limestone & Dolomite

• Magnesite

• Managanese Ores

• Mineral Sands

• Minerals for Refractories

• Molybdenum & Tungsten Ores

• Nickel Ores

• Precious Metal Ores

• Rare metal Ores

• Rock Phosphate

• Selliminite

• Silica Sands

• Tin

• Titanium Ores

• Trace elements

• Zinc Ores

• Zirconium

• Other Minerals

• Bio-Fertilizers


•Extended Aeration.

• Submerged Aerated fixed film (SAFF).

• Activated sludge process.

• Moving bed bio Reactor (MBBR/FAB)

• Anaerobic Treatment

• Sequential Batch Reactor(SBR)

• Raw Water Treatment Plants (pretreatment)

• Drinking Water Treatment Plants.

• Package Sewage Treatment Plants.

• Municipal Sewage Treatment.

• Biological Treatment Plants for Industrial effluents.

• Effluent recycling plants and Zero Discharge schemes.

• Sludge Dewatering Systems.

Sewage Treatment

ECO-BATCH Fully or partially automatic ultra modern plant based on state of art Sequencing Batch Reactors technology (SBR).

•Conventional Activated Sludge Treatment.

•AGABR(Attached Growth Aerobic Bio Reactor)(Modified MBBR)

•Conventional Moving Bed Bio reactor (MBBR/FAB).

•Submerged aerobic fixed film System (SAFF).

Effluent Treatment

•Neutralization and pH correction systems.

•Physico-Chemical systems for removal of suspended solids and COD.

•Heavy metal removal and recovery systems.

•Color Removal for Textiles wastes / paper industry.

•Biological Treatment plants for treating Organic wastes.

•Aerobic / Anaerobic sludge digestion.

•Oily waste separation systems.

•Effluent recycling systems using reverse osmosis.

Do you have a project or idea that you’d love to bring to life? Since founding my business, I’ve provided my clients with a wide range of consulting services such as this one. To find out more, get in touch.

Environmental Evaluation

A Comprehensive Approach

My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. I work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results. Contact me to find out how I can help today.

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